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SERMA GROUP at a glance

SERMA GROUP is an independent, international one-stop-shop platform for solutions and services in electronics. Specialized in electronic technologies for high stress environment, the group has developed a recognized expertise and a comprehensive range of offers in its 4 core business lines:

- Technologies and process
- Microelectronics
- Embedded system engineering.
- System security

For multi sector customers: aeronautic, automotive, industry, aerospace, military and medical.
The Group consists of the following subsidiaries: SERMA TECHNOLOGIES, SERMA INGENIERIE, ID MOS, PE GmbH, HCM.SYSTREL and SERMA GmbH.

• TO 2014: 81 M€
• 2 M€ Yearly internal direct research effort
• 15 000 m² laboratories
• 750 specialized engineers & technicians
• 11 plants in France and Germany

Serma Technologies

SERMA TECHNOLOGIES – Technology & Process

Specialist in analysis, control, expertise of components, boards and electronic systems, SERMA TECHNOLOGIES relies on significant resources (laboratories) of analysis and testing.
SERMA TECHNOLOGIES also offers an ITSEF approved laboratory of information technology security evaluation facility.


Serma Ingénierie

SERMA INGENIERIE - Embedded Systems Engineering

SERMA INGENIERIE designs, produces and maintains operational conditions of embedded electronic boards, including aeronautics through its Part 21G and 145.
SERMA INGENIERIE also offers engineering services (expertise, package) around specification, design, development, CAD, layout, prototyping, qualification and testing of electronic systems, as well as expertise in the field of safety.


SERMA GmbH - Embedded SystemsEngineering

SERMA GmbH is an engineering service provider in the field of embedded systems development, hardware and software engineering, mechanical engineering and testing as well as project and quality management.
SERMA GmbH also provides the German market with all SERMA GROUP products and services.


SERMA SAFETY AND SECURITY –Expertise and consulting for safety and security

SERMA Safety & Security is a French company, which serves the industry with security evaluation, provided by its ITSEF (Information technology Security Evaluation Facility) laboratory which has been accredited by the French ANSSI security agency for nearly 20 years; security and safety expertise and consulting. The company provides its expertise to all sectors and applications for which data confidentiality, assets protection, service security availability and integrity, operations safety, etc. are of prime importance. It addresses in particular: payment systems, embedded and connected systems, industrial installations, internet of things, information systems.


ID MOS - Microelectronics

ID MOS designs industrialized and manages the production of specific integrated circuits ASICs (analog, digital & mixed).
ID MOS offer includes also a selection of standard products for the field of RFID and «re-designed" standard circuits. IDMOS has the ability to provide electronic modules packaged, wired & tested including or not its own ASICs.


HCM.SYSTREL-Hybridsand Microelectronics'backend'

HCM.SYSTREL is a specialist in microelectronics assembly (standard or custom box) and the production of ceramic substrates. We mainly provide harsh environment markets (space, implanted medical, defense, nuclear, sensors ...).
HCM.SYSTREL supports its clients from wafer (cutting, storage, inspection of chips) to end testing component and hybrids.



PE with head office in Herrenberg near Stuttgart and a Design Center in Kesselsdorf near Dresden is highly specialized company in the field of IC-Design, and IC Supply Chain Management. PE has been successful on the market since 14 years as “Fabless design house”.
PE develops and produces application-specific IC's (ASICs) and high-quality replacements for obsolete integrated circuits according to customers’ requirements, as well as ASSP `s for Smart Power, RFID, and Sensing applications.



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14, Rue Galilée-CS10055
33615 PESSAC Cedex

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